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"My Best Life"


Do you wonder

  • if there's more to life than what you have right now?
  • whether you could do something different?
  • how you can make changes in your life?
  • how you could get "out of a rut"?

You are not alone!

So many of us feel pulled in different directions with all the demands on our time. We feel the stress when we can’t give as much attention as we’d like to the important people and roles in our lives. How often do you find you work late to meet a crucial deadline and miss out on a family event or something else you'd like to do – perhaps your partner’s birthday; your son’s sports day; a family gathering that you would have to travel for; the exercise class or gym workout; or meeting your friends at the cinema? Finding the right balance that matches your personal priorities can be hard.

How easy do you find it to make time for things you personally want to do? A manager I’m working with right now is suffering from health issues because he finds his workload overwhelming, he’s working weekends and evenings because he doesn’t want to let his team down, his relationships at home are suffering, his social life is almost non-existent, he’s not had time to get out walking, which he loves and is one way he can switch off and de-stress. He misses catching up with friends at the walking club too. This was not the life he imagined he would lead when he was promoted!


Does any of his story resonate with you? I know it does with me! How easy it is to be drawn into putting work first, driven by the responsibilities you hold and probably your work ethic too, and perhaps the need to make sure you bring money in! We can’t survive without at least a certain level of income! And how easy it can be to put your family's needs and your children's needs before your own - and somehow you lose your own energy.

The future is not some place we are just going,
It is some place we are creating.

The paths to it are the ones we make, not just find or stumble upon.
Our activity making our paths changes both us and the destination.


Or to put it another way, you make your own luck.
And in making your own luck you will change yourself in terms of your own capability and skills, and your personal visions of your future.


The things that you are doing and thinking and the way you act and behave is creating your future, even if you are not aware of it. We all of us have within us the capability to create the future we desire – if we take the time to think about the destination we want to go to – our dream future, or our ideal future, or our best life.


Think about it…. Are you now on your path to your best future? Your best life? Or are you stumbling along a path that is taking you somewhere else? It reminds me of a conversation I had this week with Vicki, who’s nearly at the end of her maternity break but wondering whether she really WANTS to go back to her old job. “I just started out in finance when I got my first job after university. I never particularly chose to do this kind of work, it was what came along. It had good pay, sounded exciting and I got through the interview!” How often I hear a similar story.


Our best life doesn’t happen just by chance – and if you want the future of your dreams you need to start creating it now. It’s your choice. You deserve to take the reins and choose the paths that lead to the life you want.


It may not be easy. You may face difficult choices.

It is definitely worthwhile – your happiness, satisfaction, fulfilment and sense of purpose are all at stake.


This programme gives you the starting point to focus on what is already ok in your life, what is already fantastic and clarify the areas that are problematic, so these (possibly few!) areas don’t drag you down overall.

We will work together to discover ways you can improve your life. The programme has two main modules which have been broken down into sub modules so you truly focus in on each section.

Take a step at a time.  Take one tip, apply it, and move on to the next.   

You can work through each step at your own pace, but to get the best results you need APPLY what you learn.


A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. These steps will get you on the path to create your own future, and change both you and your destination in the process.


These steps are practical and proven. So is the support I give through 1:1 coaching and through mastermind online coaching groups. Our regular meetings help you turn your thoughts into actions and actually IMPLEMENT what you want.


Does my help make a difference? My clients wholeheartedly say it does. Graham M, a team leader in an international telecoms company from Aberdeen in Scotland certainly thinks so.

"I didn't see how coaching was going to work, especially by telephone. But I was sitting on my sofa, talking with you in a way I don't normally do, about things I don't normally think about. As a person I've found this hugely eye-opening and it’s helped me achieve a lot. I think differently about myself and where I am now and what I have achieved in the past. I feel where I am now is phenomenal. At the end of this month I will fulfil a personal dream I never before imagined I could. At work I have achieved my two year goal within the last six months.

"I didn't think it would make such a difference. I feel much more confident and now when I walk into a room I feel I can hold my head high and go up to someone and say hello, even if I don't know them. Before, I was the guy with their head down, no eye contact, wanting to make myself small and disappear into the background. My wife says the whole way I conduct myself now is different and more confident. Thank you."

Will it work for you?

Graham didn’t know how it could work for him when he started. But he was willing to give it a go and reaped the rewards. You could too.


Did I say thank you for your interest in “My Best Life”? Thank you!

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Please do let me know how you get on with "My Best Life".

Sue Mitchell
Founder and Director
Aeona Coaching, Aeona Limited


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"People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing." Dale Carnegie



"If you only look at what is, you might never attain what could be." Anonymous







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