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Aeona Coaching VIP THRIVE programme
Set yourself up for Success
Achieve your Goals


Do you find it hard to keep going and achieve your goals successfully?

You are not alone!



Research shows

1) only 8% of people are successful in achieving their resolutions. JUST 8%!

2) 88% of people who set New Years resolutions fail despite being confident of success when they set them.


Research also shows you can
improve your success rate –
set yourself up for success with support in the
VIP Thrive programme
You deserve it.
Be one of the few 8% who achieve their goals.


Aeona Coaching VIP THRIVE programme: Achieve your Goals
Six months support for focus, inspiration and commitment

  • Do you find you make goals that you really want to do but then lose momentum?
  • Do you find it hard to stick with it and make it happen?
  • Do you find yourself giving up when you get setbacks?

Do you feel inspired and motivated when you set your goal and start out full of good intentions, but then find that you lose momentum as time goes by. One day goes by and then another and suddenly you’ve done nothing for about a week?

Well, you are not alone!

Researchers at the University of Scranton (USA) found just 8% of people are successful in achieving their resolutions! (Data published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, 2012). Another study in 2007 by Richard Wiseman from the University of Bristol also found that 88% of people who set New Year Resolutions fail despite being confident of success when they set them.


Don’t be one of the
88% who don't succeed!
You deserve better.


Be one of the
few 8% who do succeed.




Set yourself up for success with the VIP Thrive: Achieve your Goals programme

All we need to reach our goals is



We have to know what our why is, our PURPOSE and MEANING, why are we working towards this goal? We need to remind ourselves why we WANT this goal.  So when we feel discouraged and uncertain and our belief levels are down a bit, when we hit setbacks, when we make mistakes, when things don't go as we expected, we will keep going.



We need to believe in ourselves and that what we are doing is worthwhile. We need to believe we CAN do this. We need to set our goals well so we can believe in them and be motivated to WANT to do them (and not just think we should do them).


We need to dig deep into ourselves to find the courage to step out on our path towards our goal. To have the courage to try something new and not hold back just in case we don't get it right first time. To have the courage to learn from mistakes. To have the courage to make changes. To have the courage to ask other people for help. To have the courage not to fear rejection.



That's why support is so important.

We are human.
We all have doubts.
We all are afraid sometimes.
We all can forget. Why do we want to do this?
We need to be reminded of why.
So many times we can’t move through our own fears and doubts on our own, that’s why we need support.

Aeona Coaching VIP THRIVE programme: Achieve your Goals
Six months support for focus, inspiration and commitment


This programme helps you ensure your goals are motivating and you do know your Why and believe in yourself and your goal. It provides a lot of support to help you rise above your fears and doubts and find ways to be courageous and believe in you, to keep going when the going gets tough! I highly recommend you also connect with other people around you who can support you too, with your friends and family.  You may like to connect with other people you meet in the forum that comes with this programme, and who can also be there for you - when you celebrate and share your successes and when you need someone to help you up when you feel down.


Accountability for Success!
This six month programme is your 24/7 online coaching support for you to achieve your goals.

  • Our regular webinars help ensure you actually implement what you want.
  • Your personal online programme helps you be accountable to yourself AND your coach, track your progress and build momentum.
  • Use our goal setting tools to create motivational goals you want to keep.
  • Build your action plans and record your achievement for six months. You can continue to use your personal online space for as long as you want, to come back and build on the foundations you create in these six months.
  • Keep it going: Use your bonus modules about how to be more motivated, step out of your comfort zone into your stretch zone, grow your mindset for high performance and success, understand the barriers that keep you where you are and change that, working with beliefs, making time for renewal and energising, and how to set anchors for staying committed and focused.
  • You have regular webinars, online group coaching meetings and exclusive mastermind group coaching calls for six months to inspire and motivate you and provide accountability.
  • You can join the Aeona VIP Thrive Forum to connect with other members in the programme to share your stories, celebrate your successes and commiserate when
  • A six session programme of 1:1 coaching is £720. This six month programme, including more content than would be possible in the six session 1:1 programme and regular webinars and mastermind groups, is only £597. You save over £100 and get so much more.

Give yourself the support you need to be one of the few 8% who achieve their goals successfully.


Aeona Coaching VIP THRIVE programme: Achieve your Goals
Six months support for focus, inspiration and commitment
only £597 including VAT

Bonuses for webinar attendees on 19th March:
This programme is usually £597 - discounted to £397 until 26th March 2014.
Extra bonus: when you register by 20th March 2014, you get "Build Your confidence" online coaching programme added to your account FREE. (This can take a few days to appear as a real human has to transfer it into your account!)

Here’s What You Get When You Join Today:

Lifetime access to your personal coaching account and confidence building tools, (or for as long as I continue to use the JigsawBox platform and it continues to exist). Guaranteed a minimum of 6 months, likely to be years!

Explore your talents and appreciate your achievements and values. Raise your awareness to really know yourself and avoid the common pitfalls that drain confidence.

Videos for guidance and for inspiration and motivation in most of the modules.

Guidance at every step. The programme is designed for you to work through it step by step.

Downloadable PDF content to work offline as well as in your online account.

Join our community on the Coaching Forum where you can meet other people who have joined our VIP Thrive programme. Share your journey together and celebrate successes. You are not alone!

Monthly webinars exclusively for members of the VIP Thrive programme. Plus invitations to other webinars as they happen.

Exclusive monthly mastermind group coaching calls where you have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss topics relevant to you with your coach, Sue, and other participants.


Aeona Coaching VIP THRIVE programme: Achieve your Goals
Six months support for focus, inspiration and commitment
only £597 including VAT



Current Schedule of Webinars and group coaching sessions.

All times GMT or BST between 26 March to 26 October (UK time). Handouts to work on during the session can be downloaded on the day from the link given at the start of the session or in advance.

Lunchtime sessions are 45 minutes - 1 hour, online group coaching meetings with very limited attendees. You register through GoToMeeting, to see the presentation and hear and speak through your computer audio or by telephone.

  • April Thurs 10th    12:30pm    Are you celebrating your talents?   
  • May Thurs 1st    12:30pm    Discover what you really want.   
  • June Thurs 5th    12:30pm    Do you choose environments where you flourish?  
  • July Thurs 3rd    12:30pm    Are you bringing your talk alive?   
  • Aug Thurs 7th    12:30pm    Aligning with the person you want to be.   
  • Sep Thurs 4th    12:30pm    Do you know your core values?   
  • Oct Thurs 2nd    12:30pm    Are you leaving a legacy?   
  • Nov Thurs 20th    12:30pm    Are you being vulnerable to be a strong leader?   
  • Dec Thurs 11th    12:30pm    Are you stepping into their world? Preparing for a key interaction.   

Webinars - 1.5 hours. Scheduled dates coming soon.
Register with GoToWebinar connection: you see the video presentation and hear audio through your computer or telephone line, and you interact via the question box.

  • Fabulous goal setting: Sticky Goals for Success.
  • AtoZ of success
  • Light your fire - what motivates you
  • Motivating others
  • Empathy for fabulous relationships and connecting with others


Start your journey now!

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"People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing." Dale Carnegie



"If you only look at what is, you might never attain what could be." Anonymous







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