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"Coaching really works! I feel much more confident and focused than before. Thank you for helping me notice my successes when I can only see what I haven't got done." JD London. Senior Manager, International Corporate.


"You really kept me going, Sue. I couldn't have done it without you, your enthusiasm and belief in me." SC East Lothian.


"I want to thank you, Sue. You made the difference for me. I thought I couldn't do it, but you made me feel great and suddenly everything started going right." EH Lancashire.


"I didn't see how coaching was going to work, especially by telephone. But I was sitting on my sofa, talking with you in a way I don't normally do, about things I don't normally think about. As a person I've found this hugely eye-opening and its helped me achieve a lot. I think differently about myself and where I am now and what I have achieved in the past. I feel where I am now is phenomenal. At the end of this month I will fulfil a personal dream I never before imagined I could.

"I didn't think it would make such a difference. I feel much more confident and now when I walk into a room I feel I can hold my head high and go up to someone and say hello, even if I don't know them. Before, I was the guy with their head down, no eye contact, wanting to make myself small and disappear into the background. My wife says the whole way I conduct myself now is different and more confident. Thank you."
MG, Aberdeen. Team Leader, International Corporate.


"I found the coaching valuable in helping me understand my values and their implication on my behaviours. Sue also helped me create a personal vision and then explore the route to achieving this. Working with a coach enabled me to gain much deeper insights than would be possible working on my own. It also provided the discipline to work through a staged process over three months, embedding the learning as part of that journey.

I am most grateful to Sue for achieving a depth of questioning that allowed me to gain deep insights. It's those moments when she did not allow the conversation to move on - pushing for deeper reflection - that provided some of the greatest value. She acted professionally and remained impartial throughout." SD, Glasgow. Chief Executive, Public Sector.


"I first spoke to Sue regarding a change in my role, moving out of my comfort zone with a team I had not worked with before. There were some hostilities and morale was low.

Sue helped me break down my insecurities and identify my goal. We then worked through discovery of techniques and tools that would improve the team's performance and morale.

Sue encouraged me to look at my own motivational and leadership skills and urged me to use them to my best ability. We celebrated success at each session. I enjoyed working with Sue very much. She is genuine and kind, listens with a true interest, and does not pass judgement. My confidence has grown since the coaching and Sue has a big part to play in this. Thank you Sue." JD, Newcastle-under-Lyme. Manager, National Corporate.


"The coaching gave me the opportunity to have time to explore issues with someone who helped me see things in a different way. To be gently, but firmly, 'pushed' to think about situations was challenging but felt good when I came up with solutions. It enabled me to realise that I can't change other people, but I can change what I say or how I react and that, in turn, might change how they respond to me. It helped me focus on the positives not the negatives. " GR, London. Regional Consultant, NGO.


"The coaching was fundamental in supporting my transition from my previous position to my new role in a different organisation. It enabled me to identify actions and behaviour to adopt in order to make my approach to the change more planned and executable. I was able to take a step back and really look at what I wanted to achieve, then set manageable goals that enabled me to chart my progress toward my ultimate goal." KR, Glasgow. Manager, Public Sector.


"The overall effect of coaching with Sue has been quite considerable. I initially wanted to focus on the personal side of things as I was having a real crisis of confidence. Six sessions later and I've vastly improved my scores on the wheels exercise, I've become more confident, taken control of my life, obtained a new job and have been able to approach work matters far more objectively. " LS, Edinburgh. Manager, Public Sector.


"Coaching provided me the space and opportunity to explore -

  • A major change I was planning in my life
  • Identify the steps necessary to make that change
  • Consider the impact of the change in my work life and other aspects of my life - eg domestic and financial.
In addition, I was introduced to some tools to aid my thought processes and the interest of my coach in my plans was very affirming. CE, Edinburgh. Director, Voluntary Organisation.


"I am the managing director of a small consultancy company. I have a tendency to take on too much, not delegate well and also have a young son so a business and family to juggle. Sue has helped me focus a lot on what I need to do to make my company more successful and my work life balance better.

Sue has provided a great deal of help and we spent several sessions talking about my management style, the structure of the business, the way I manage and motivate staff and my work life balance. I have implemented a lot of the things we discussed. Some have been implemented and slipped a little, so I need to get back on track. Overall, since I started with Sue I have taken on one extra member of the team and have successfully been awarded a grant of £60k for the creation of 6 new jobs over the next two years. We have also doubled our income. Sue's input into this has been to take me out of the frantic daily schedule and take stock of what I needed to do to achieve this.

Sue's been a great coach. She did not direct me but forced me to face up to all the issues head on and devise my own solutions which I knew but needed a bit of time out to face up to and commit to. I had sessions with Sue by phone and in person. Sue has been very diligent in following up with me and confirming everything I committed to do. " CS, West Scotland. Managing Director, Consultancy.


"Sue has been coaching me on my career and starting/running my own business. Sue is very good at reflecting back and summarising my thoughts in a succinct and concise way. She is also skilled at knowing when to leave silence for me to think; yet knowing when to step in with an effective and/or challenging question to help me think in a different way when I have run out of ideas! From my coaching with Sue, I feel that I have made significant progress towards achieving my end goal for my career and life!" NW, Sussex. Small Business Owner.


"Coaching really works! I feel much more confident and focused than before. Thank you for helping me notice my successes when I can only see what I haven't got done." JD London. Senior Manager, International Corporate.


"Thanks Sue, you were really helpful. I really appreciate your quick response and help." NB Edinburgh.


"We really appreciate your 'can do' attitude and flexibility." CS Edinburgh.



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