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Build your Confidence Coaching Programme


Confidence is the key to success. It gives you the power to do more and to do it better. This online coaching programme will help you to grow your confidence. Why not watch our short video about the programme to see if it is for you? Click here.

Are you based near Edinburgh? Why not combine the online programme with a live seminar or workshop? Or just come to the live confidence events.

Confidence makes the difference in life, as it gives us the means to be who we really want to be, to express ourselves with ease, to be comfortable with people and in ourselves, to know that we CAN do what we want to do. 

Confidence is not just a skill you can learn by applying a set of rules.  Confidence is an attitude or state of mind that sits at the very core of our being and transforms our life in a positive way. 

Confident people find it easier to believe in themselves and their abilities, have realistic high self esteem, find it easier to communicate with people and develop positive relationships at work and in their home life, and generally feel good about themselves, their life and work and the people around them.

Confidence puts the sparkle and fizz in your life. There is always room for more confidence! 

People who lack confidence find it hard to become successful.  Luckily, you CAN LEARN confidence – it is a journey about changing your state of mind, by the way you think, the way you see things and interact with the world.  Confidence breeds success – in whatever ways success is meaningful to you.



Confidence lets your light shine and brings pzazz and sparkle in your life!



Confidence, self esteem and positive thinking

Self awareness and a positive attitude or mindset are the foundation for developing great confidence and self esteem. The "Build your Confidence " programme gives you some of the best tools and techniques for developing and improving realistic self awareness, self esteem, positive attitude and other components that contribute to confidence. This coaching programme supports you to grow and transform your confidence.



Build Your Confidence
Online Coaching Programme


This online coaching programme guides you on your path to build a high level of healthy confidence, so you can do more and achieve your aspirations in life.  It takes you on a journey step by step to confident you.

The content of this programme is underpinned by psychology (especially positive psychology, which is the psychology of healthy people!), emotional intelligence and neuroscience.

The programme uses coaching questions to guide your thinking process and also a full range of proven tools and techniques for you to do for yourself.  Many people have used them successfully to transform and grow their confidence, self-belief, self-esteem, focus, motivation and more. 


Build your Confidence Programme Contents


Build your Confidence is a comprehensive programme with 20 modules delivered over a 4 week period.

You can work through modules at your own pace, but to get the best results you need APPLY what you learn. You have membership for at least six months to access the programme so you can continue your confidence development.

Module Title

  • Build your Confidence Online Coaching Programme Overview
  • Build your Confidence - Introduction to Online Coaching Programme 
  • What is confidence for YOU? 
  • What is confidence? 
  • Confidence – The power of CAN
  • Confidence – Celebrate YOU! Your achievements
  • Confidence – Celebrate YOU! Your Strengths
  • Confidence – Celebrate YOU! Your Personal Values
  • Confidence – Celebrate YOU! Living in harmony with your values
  • Building Confidence
  • Confidence – The power of positive thinking
  • Confidence – Observing outcomes part 1
  • Confidence – Observing outcomes part 2
  • Confidence – Keep track of outcomes Part 1
  • Confidence – Keep track of outcomes Part 2: drawing insights
  • Confidence – The power of CAN and self belief
  • Confidence – Where have you set the bar?
  • Confidence - Challenge your self talk
  • Confidence – Thought stopping
  • Confidence – SMILE and LAUGH
  • Confidence – The power of positive emotion for you and others: Compliments and praise
  • Confidence – GIVING Compliments

Most modules contain between 1 - 3 hours of coaching material. Most people find they bring you even better results when you spend time actually doing the suggested activities daily as well as working on the module themselves. Each module contains some tools and information in the introduction section followed by coaching questions for you to reflect on and respond to.  Many modules also contain videos that explain the concepts further or share stories that will inspire you on your own journey to build your confidence.

Some modules in the programmes are made available immediately and the rest are on a rolling launch so you don't feel totally overwhelmed by it all. Your membership in the programme lasts six months, so you have time to continue practicing and reflecting on the modules as you build your confidence further.

The programme covers more than we would cover in a 1:1 coaching package with three 1-hour sessions, or possibly even six sessions spread over 2 - 4 months. The six session 1:1 package is £720 (including VAT), while this programme is only £229.


Build your Confidence Online Coaching Programme,
£229 including VAT


Hereís What You Get When You Join Today:

Lifetime access to your personal coaching account and confidence building tools, or for as long as I continue to use the JigsawBox platform. Guaranteed a minimum of 6 months, likely to be years!

Explore your talents and appreciate your achievements and values. Raise your awareness to really know yourself and avoid the common pitfalls that drain confidence.

Videos for guidance and for inspiration and motivation in most of the modules.

Guidance at every step. The programme is designed for you to work through it step by step.

Downloadable PDF content to work offline as well as in your online account.

Join our community on the Coaching Forum and our Facebook group to meet other people who have joined our Build your Confidence programme. Share your journey together and celebrate successes. You are not alone!



Build your Confidence Online Coaching Programme,
£229 including VAT






Is this programme for you? Watch our short video here:

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How the online space works

The Online Space is where you can work with me at a time and place entirely of your choosing. You don’t have to make an appointment, or carve time out of your busy schedule to travel to meet me: it’s right there whenever you are ready to work. The Online Space is hosted by Jigsaw Box, an internationally acclaimed platform for coaches and trainers. Before you sign up, I'd like to let you know what to expect so you can feel confident to proceed.

When you sign up by clicking on the Buy Now button, you’ll be taken to a page that asks you to sign up for a Jigsaw Box account, if you haven’t already got one. You will be asked to create your username and password, and also to enter your email address, first name and last name. These details are held securely with JigsawBox. You will then be transferred to a secure PayPal payment page and your payment details are seen only by PayPal and don't go anywhere else. After completing your payment, you will be transferred to the programme page. If you sign up to the free trial, you will also be taken to the JigsawBox login / sign up page, as described above, but then go immediately to the coaching programme. There is no intermediate stage at the PayPal payment page.


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