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Why ONLINE Coaching?


Choice and flexibility

Its undeniable that the most powerful coaching experience is partnering one-on-one with your coach, for very personal support, inspiration and courage to make the changes you aspire to. However, it is also undeniable that it is the most expensive, as you are paying directly for your coach's time. Online coaching still provides the structure and resources for you to raise your awareness and find answers from within and find inspiration, courage and support to make the changes you want. You always have the option to add on personal 1:1 coaching as well, with the advantage that you are already on your coaching journey and can make more effective use of your time one-on-one with your coach.


With online coaching, you have the choice of when and where you want to work with me, 24/7. You just need access to the internet to login to our coaching platform. You don’t have to make an appointment or carve time out of your busy schedule to travel to meet me: it’s right there whenever you are ready to work.

If you choose the interactive eCoaching option, we can conduct a coaching conversation by tracked conversation messaging within the system. It is ideal as you keep all your thoughts and responses together in one place, and in a secure webspace which is more suitable than emails.

You still have the option to choose 1:1 coaching if you want to explore some topics in more detail, or something that isn't part of the programme, by phone or Skype from anywhere in the world, or in person if you are near Edinburgh. As a member of an online coaching programme, you get a 10% discount on 1:1 coaching.




The modules are set up to stimulate your thinking and give you the same kind of structure and ask the same kind of questions that your 1:1 coach would ask in a coaching conversation, to discover your true potential and create the life you want. You record your thoughts by writing them in the relevant spaces for your notes. Just the act of writing out your ideas and thoughts helps you become clearer in your mind. Having the record there to refer back to can help you focus and stay committed to achieving the outcomes you desire.

The online coaching includes video and audio clips which you can download or play online. The video adds different perspectives and insights. The audio is set up so you can talk about your ideas and respond to questions, so your experience is much closer to a live 1:1 coaching conversation. One of the reasons coaching works so well, is just hearing yourself say what your are thinking outloud. That's so often when you have your "aha!" moment. It sounds different to when you just "say" it in your head. The option to download the audio clips means you can carry on your coaching experience in other locations and atmospheres so you gain different and deeper perspectives. For example, you could use the audio while you are out for a walk or driving in the car.

The online coaching programme also includes a forum where you can discuss your ideas, thoughts, problems, solutions and experiences with other people who are members of the programme. While each of you are on your own journeys, sharing your experiences with people who are taking part in the same programme can be enlightening and rewarding - not only do you learn great new ideas, you are helping each other. Most invaluable is the feeling of support and reassurance from knowing you are not alone and you are with other people who are facing similar challenges as you are.

Members are eligible to attend free webinars. Dates and topics will be available via the forum or members newsletters.




I want to make the massive benefits our clients gain from coaching much more widely available and affordable. Just as I have experienced in my own life, many of my clients find that the time when coaching would make the most difference to their life and wellbeing comes at the times when we can least afford it. Career coaching for finding new directions when we want to change jobs, or have it thrust upon us by redundancy, inevitably comes with uncertainty about our immediate income. Worries about whether we can pay the mortgage or put food on the table for long enough until we have another income justifiably add to the stress of spending money now to secure a better future.

Many potential private clients find the cost for 1:1 coaching too daunting to commit to, yet this is the time when they could really do with the help and support for discovering their new direction, their best self and their confidence. Most of my private clients take a package with six 1-hour sessions over a period of between 2 - 6 months, which costs about £720 including VAT. With online coaching, you are not paying for my time, and so I can make the programmes MUCH more affordable. The 'Build your Confidence' programme has 20 modules with content that covers 20 - 30 hours (or more, depending on how much you get into it and apply it!) and is only £229 - the entire programme costs less than two one hour 1:1 coaching sessions. The 'VIP Thrive Achieve your Goals' coaching online programme includes far more than we would usually cover in a six session programme. It includes online modules, each of which I recommend you spend 1 - 2 hours or more thinking and coaching time, plus regular live webinars. If you can't make the live webinars, you can catch up later with the recording. That's 45 - 90 hours or more of coaching time for only £597 including VAT.




A coach is your partner to help you make changes in your life or business that will release your potential and propel you to new heights. Dr Sue Mitchell helps you stay committed to those changes so you can achieve all you aspire to.


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